Scary Halloween Hornet


Practicing the pain control method known as "if your hand hurts smack your foot with a hammer" kind of therapy...G....

This is not photoshopped. Apparently in the land of Mothra and Volks dolls, they also have Yak Killer Hornets -- that actually kill a number of people every year!

I did not need to know about that! Over the years I have worked hard to tame my fear of bees and hornets and wasps. I am allergic to them, but freaking out over bees doesn't really help any situation. OTOH, if I ever see one of these suckers, you will of course give me a pass for screaming and running and crying and fainting, right?

I am really tired of this old song

You would think that after all these years some people would stop confusing me with my mother. But apparently, some people still want to tarr me with the same brush.

Wake up!

Look at me!

I have never been DiAnne. She hurt a lot of people -- chief among them being ME.

It is a huge insult to me when people cannot separate me from her. It is not my fault that I look like her. I can't help that. I wish you'd get over it.

I left her "by the side of the river" 25 years ago, and I have not looked back.
Why are you still carrying her?

If you can put that away, there is still time for you to get to know me - not the kid I was, not the struggling twenty-something I used to be -- the me that is here and now.

I'm eccentric, and whimsical, and deep. I am real. And I love you, even if you can't see me for who I am. But I hope you will come around before there's no chance left for us to know each other. I hope.

It is FAT TALK FREE week!

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Every week is fat talk free week with me! Well, at least I try. It is really hard to turn off all the tapes in one's head. However, I can tell you that I am much happier not criticizing myself about how I look.

I buy clothes that fit -- I don't care what size they are. If the clothes aren't flattering it's a problem with the garment -- not me. Now, since I wear a lot of hand made clothes, I know that fit and style have everything to do with what makes a body look good. That is never the fault of my body. Off the rack clothes don't fit anyone perfectly!

And I don't couch negative messages into my health or fitness talk, either. Having more fitness means I can lift more weight and have more endurance -- maybe that means I can walk or swim farther or faster. But I don't conflate that with health or attractiveness. No one can look at me and accurately guess my ratio of fat to nonfat body tissues! That's silly.

Having problems with my feet reflects having broken most of the bones in one foot years ago, and having severely burned the other ankle many years later. I popped my hip out of it's joint when I was 12. It gets temperamental now -- and those problems are pretty consistent whether I am at a higher or lower weight. So I don't play games with myself, making bargains about losing weight to "treat" those issues. I wear good shoes, rest, and use a cane when I need to.

The other thing I work diligently to develop is a supportive and kindly reflection for other women in my life. It kills me when women I love criticize themselves endlessly over their appearance. I won't play into that. Because I think you are terrific just the way you are! I love the way you look! Just as you are!

So hop on this train -- even if you just try it for a week. I'm not saying you shouldn't take care of yourself -- I'm saying we don't need to insult and demean ourselves and each other. I am always pretty happy to look in the mirror. Part of that is stopping the incessant critique. Join me and the host of other women who are on this freedom march!

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This is a wonderful set of photos, documenting a woman and her shooting ability from 1936 to 2009. I love the history in it! I also love this woman. She is fat. No not kinda fat, or Hollywood fat -- she's fat -- and capable. To get that photo, she has to hit the target. And she does! Over and over, year after year.

I present these to you as a reminder: fat people did not suddenly appear in 1970. There were big fat people all throughout history. And -- being fat is not just an American thing! Interesting also, that in pictures taken after WWII she is just as fat! You might think with all the rationing and such that everyone in Europe would have slimmed down. Does that give you pause for thought?

I especially love these photos because I know a lot of fat people who refuse to let themselves be photographed. This woman WANTED a photo! Not just a photo, she wanted a photo year after year! Not just when she was a pretty 16 year old girl!

That is what I wish for you -- I wish for you to have pictures of yourself at every age, at any weight, doing something you really like to do, surrounded by people who are proud of you and the amazing things you do.

I hate to hear about these kinds of things

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Most of the people I know who have had bariatric procedures of all kinds have been less than thrilled with the ultimate results. Many have had decidedly bad outcomes. I'm happy for my friends who have had "successful" bariatric interventions -- not because I value weight loss in and of itself, but because I'm relieved that my friends have survived. But I still don't recommend any kind of bariatric surgery, and I'll still work to try to dissuade anyone from going that route. Yes, there are much worse things than just being fat.

How can I get him back to college?

Sims2, TS2, Elari, Zabrikar, Crystal
I was playing when I was really too tired to be playing, and I forgot what had happened to a one of the children from a certain family. So I used a cheat to summon him and the family tree to add him back to the family -- and then I realized he's been at college! How can I get him back to school? I don't want him to be a drop out!
In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?

Jenny Ruhl does it again


Jenny's post today starts by excoriating some popular supplements, goes on to giving us more reasons to say no to statins, and brings it home with bad news about commonly prescribed antidepressants.

The part I want to highlight is that many people are given these drugs who do not need them, they don't seem to work any better than placebo for people with mild to moderate depression, and they appear to promote the kind of insulin resistance that presages type two diabetes (and also obesity.) So basically, people who didn't need these often expensive drugs are encouraged to take them and become fat and diabetic.

I have been offered both statins and antidepressants by doctors. Because I didn't think the side effects were worth it, I have refused to take them. This makes me a "non compliant" patient, but I feel better than ever about refusing these drugs.

Movie Night

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If you have watched Morgan Spurlock's movie, you need to also watch Tom Naughton's movie. If he had it online anywhere I'd point you to it. But I didn't feel bad about supporting his fimmaking with my money. I bought it from Amazon. Above s a link to Tom's No Bologna facts. Tom's fat-head blog is also side splittingly funny, and even if I didn't agree with him, I would still read it for the laughs.

Let me also point you to two other food/diet oriented movies --

The Future of Food, which you can watch on hulu and My Big Fat Diet.

The Future of Food

Super Size Me

My Big Fat Diet

Fat Head